Aquasol® Lemon Balm Tea

Aquasol® Lemon Balm Tea

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Melissa officinalis

Lemon Balm takes its more traditional name, Melissa from the Greek name for its greatest admirer - The Honey Bee. It’s said the best way to entice bees into a new hive is to lay a sprig of this distinctive smelling herb onto an empty hive.

Lemon Balm is a popular ingredient mixed into ice creams and in some countries even features as an ingredient in toothpastes.

In the 14th century, lemon balm was gathered by the Carmelite nun’s in the Abbey of Saint Just in northern France and alongside other herbs was blended to produce a highly aromatic tonic water that became known as Carmelite water and commercialised as Eau de Carmes, a predecessor to Eau de Cologne.

Aquasol® Lemon Balm produces a subtle infusion and is an ideal partner to green tea in abotanical latte or a calming herbal tea infusion.

Superfine powder for full instant dispersion and a fuller flavour. 

Ingredients: Organically grown Lemon Balm Leaf.

Directions: Add a quarter to a half teaspoon to taste, to hot water or any liquid beverage of your choice and stir. Once opened consume within 1 month.

Net Weight: 15g

Approximately: 20 to 30 servings.