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We offer a wide range of services with The Cleansing Space such as: colonic hydrotherapy, cleanse rituals, detox and cleansing programs, deep tissue massage, acupuncture and more. 

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What Customers are Saying

Amanda C, London

I have suffered with bloating over the years and decided to visit Ruth at The Cleansing Space Clinic. She recommended that I start taking her probiotics, which have much higher 'good gut bacteria' than products you can buy off the shelves on the high street. In the first few weeks, my stomach was less bloated and was much flatter. My digestive system is now the best it has ever been and in addition, my sleep has improved which has led to much higher energy levels. This was an unexpected bonus so I am very happy to recommend The Cleansing Space probiotics.

L Redfern, London

Ruth’s an amazing practitioner and therapist. I had several colonics with her, massages and acupuncture- with excellent results. Ruth’s very holistic in her approach and tailors her techniques accordingly. I used several packets of The Cleansing Space Probiotics and I would highly recommend them to assist in part of the treatment process with the gut.

Laura Arten, New York, London

I have tested many of Ruth’s products along the way and I know she used the best source and the highest quality ingredients only. Her probiotics made a huge difference for me at the time as well as other vitamins. Ruth is someone I go to for advise on regular basis and I cannot recommend her services enough.

D Ryan, Sheffield UK

"Thank you, I am loving my Fibre Plus Capsules. Amazing results after only two days of taking them. Highly Recommend!"

Marta D, Birmingham

"I purchased some Acidophilius Probiotic and Activated Charcoal - my bloating has reduced significantly and I don't have that uncomfortable swollen feeling anymore. Thank you I am so happy I found your products"